Why Heavenly Eyes?



Besides that, there are a few other reasons to consider when choosing a lash technician! 

Number one being that we are dedicated to our craft & are continuously learning new techniques, systems and styles in order to offer the very best to you, our lash dolls! 

As lash addicts ourselves, we were constantly searching for beautiful eyelash extensions that not only look great but feel weightless and most importantly are SAFE for the natural eyelash. We use the finest quality branded products to create stunning sets of eyelash extensions, transforming your eyes for your special occasions or reducing your morning routine with an everyday natural mascara effect. 



All lash technicians at Heavenly eyes are qualified, experienced & insured. We also undergo regular training and mentor sessions and are membersof the most exclusive lash forums!


Don’t just take our word for it! Head over to our social media pages to read client reviews and take a look at our latest work. 


Love & Lashes 

The Heavenly Eyes Lash Angels x

The Experience

In two words…  LASH HEAVEN! 


We provide a specialist salon service to our clients. Relaxed yet in depth consultation, customised eyelash design and natural looking, safe eyelashes that stand the test of time!  We work with you to create the eyelashes you’ve always dreamed of. By offering a range of choice in length, curl and thickness along with our added expertise we guarantee to make the best looking set for you.


The Lashing Process


The natural eyelash is prepared and individually isolated. A single lash extension is applied to each natural lash during a classic set and a fan is applied to each lash for a Russian volume set. A hybrid set has a mixture of both methods. Your lash technician will talk you through the process,  every step of the way. PROMISE!