Everyone has different lash cycles and lifestyles, so retention will differ from person to person, but the more you follow the aftercare the better the retention will be! For active lifestyles, those with fast growing hair, oily skin, or frequent make-up wearers, extended infills may be best! As long as you come to your infill appointment with 40%+ retention, your lash technician can work her magic and have you fresh and full in no time!

Here are our tips to get the best retention possible out of your lashes:

·         Keep lashes dry for 24 hours. Any moisture within this time may loosen the impair the adhesive bond.

·         Avoid steam for 48 hours. For example, sauna, steam room, or even a steamy bath or shower can impair the adhesive bond within this time frame.

·         Brush your lashes daily with the spoolie provided at your appointment.

·         Avoid picking, twisting and pulling your extensions as this may damage your natural lash line.

·         Clean your extensions daily using a water-based cleanser (such as micellar water) by dipping your spoolie into the solution and brushing through your lashes. This removes any make-up residue and oils naturally secreted by the skin, which break down the bonds of the adhesive and result in lash loss.

·         For heavy makeup users or those with an active lifestyle, wash your lashes thoroughly each day/ after exercise sessions using oil free foaming cleanser (you can even use baby shampoo!). Foam up in your hand and gently slide down your lashes, eyelids and under-eyes using your finger. This removes any make-up residue and oils naturally secreted by the skin, which break down the bonds of the adhesive and result in lash loss.

·         Avoid mascara on your extensions. This can close-up fans and clump lashes together, taking away the whispie look and reducing retention. If you feel you need a fuller look, contact Heavenly Eyes to upgrade your infill to mixed or Russian!

·         Avoid using oil or oil-based products on your face, particularly around the eye area. This may include, eyeliner, primer, and facial creams. TOP TIP: Check the ingredients list for the first ingredient to be aqua. This means the product is water based and will have less impact on the adhesive bond.

·         Avoid eye-lash curlers. These can pull out your extensions and snap your natural lashes.

·         Sleep on your back. This prevents friction and oils from your pillow transferring to your lashes and causing lash loss.

·         Avoid direct, intense heat. This could singe the tip of your extensions!

·         Book your infill in advance every 2-3 weeks to avoid disappointment!

Infills are recommended every 2-3 weeks, depending on lash growth and aftercare. During an infill appointment, loose lash extensions are removed, and a new extension is attached to exposed and newly grown eyelashes. Extended infills are also available in times of increased lash shed (due to lash growth) or lash loss (due to lifestyle). Anything after 4 weeks is classed as a full set. (This is at the lash technician’s discretion, and they reserve the right to turn you away, charge for an extended infill or full set if your retention is poor). You can mix and match you infills to create the perfect set for you, depending on preference, mood or occasion! WE DO NOT PROVIDE INFILLS FOR OTHER LASH ARTIST'S WORK. You will be turned away and a charge will be applied if you turn up for an infill with lashes applied elsewhere. A removal and full set will need to be book for your first appointment at Heavenly Eyes.